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What Is Male Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Testosterone hormones have a significant role in how our body functions. Men over the age of forty experience a reduction in this hormone. Over the years thinking of replacing this important hormone was seen as an abomination until recently where people are embracing the idea of replacing. According to anti-ageing specialists if your levels of testosterone hormone reduce it is vital to get a replacement.As for women who have had to replace their sexual hormones such as estrogen and progesterone they portray substantial health benefits.

Some of the health benefits include heart disease prevention, osteoporosis prevention and increase in cognitive function. Equally for men over forty years the benefits of adding the testosterone hormone by a professional physician is crucial as it aids in maintain perfect health. Many people still have the wrong impression about replacing the testosterone hormone, so this article is meant to educate them on this procedure which is harmless and very necessary. research written in the scientific literature shows that testosterone does not cause prostate cancer. What has been proven to cause prostate cancer is the unbalanced excess estrogen in the bodies of men. Professional doctors say clearly that testosterone hormone does not in any way case cancer what it does is promote the growth of cancer in the body of a man.

As an individual age, the testosterone levels decrease, and estrogen increases, and there arises a severe contest on the prostate gland and nearby cell, creating a hormonal crisis. There are so many complications that arise from low levels of testosterone. The common complications to look out for include increased cholesterol and dysfunction of lipids, insulin or glucose imbalance, high blood pressure, depression, and lack of general wellbeing and hormonal balance. For the best HRT services, visit or view here for more details.

Addition of testosterone in the patients' bodies will reverse the symptoms mentioned above, though it will not be administered by taking a pill. The human body has enzymes that transform exogenous testosterone to other harmful or unwanted hormones. Therefore, it is crucial to take time and hire a knowledgeable physician who will know how to adjust as well as monitor the hormones for a positive outcome.

Together with the appropriate replacement modes such as cream, gel or patch there are other considerations which can stop testosterone conversion and are usually administered together with testosterone. Some of the supplements that can be used include nettle extract, zinc and saw palmetto to name a few. In a study done recently, the androderm patch after twelve months reduced depression by nearly half with testosterone replacement alone. In another study men complaining about frequently getting tired after being administered testosterone the symptoms of fatigue dropped from 79% to 10%. You are assured of so many advantages of testosterone replacements. You can read more on this here:

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